Our program provides a variety of ways in which children engage in learning about STEM(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). We ask “What” questions so that children can focus on what they are noticing and doing. In this way they can be springboards for teachers and children to investigate together. "What are those ants doing?" and "What shapes do you see in those rocks?" are questions that invite children to observe, communicate and be the "experts."


A child needs to feel that he can control and manage his world. Using different mediums such as water, cornmeal, play dough, and sand help to give him this confidence.


Allows for role-playing, development of language skills and stimulates the imagination. It plays an important role in the development of empathy.


A place where children can express themselves using a variety of media.  This helps the development of hand-eye coordination through the use of crayons, markers, finger and brush painting, cutting, tearing, gluing, tracing, and other tactile experiences.


Children learn the value of reading and find that books give them pleasure and information. Their language grows. They are introduced to literature by listening to stories. These activities prepare children to read. We have recently formed a relationship with the library on the CSUCI campus so that our classes can walk there for further enrichment.


This center develops problem solving and negotiating skills in a group setting. Even more importantly, block building furthers the growth of scientific thinking involving inquiry, invention, and discovery.

Using the Center Approach, children move around freely and learn by doing. They change activities and meet different groups of children. They have the opportunity to work and talk with others, using good manners such as taking turns, waiting patiently, verbalizing their feelings, and listening to others. Centers allow children to make choices and learn through active exploration.

Carden Kids Academy