“Thank you for all you do to help S grow and develop in a fun, nurturing and engaging environment.  We are so lucky to have found Carden and look forward to all the wonderful projects and activities you plan.”

“Thank you for being so flexible as I transition back into the working world…  It has helped immensely.”

“Thank you to each of you for all that you do.  E loves being a part of this school!  We appreciate all of your support and caring.”

“Thank you for taking care of D.  We have seen a lot of changes in him since he’s been at Carden.  We appreciate the extra effort you’ve put forth to get to know him, teach him new things, and love him.”

“Thank you for making J’s first school experience a great success.”

“Thank you for all the love and support you give our kids every day.  Watching C and M blossom has been the joy of our lives!”

“You’ll be happy to know that our Kindergarten teacher has mentioned several times that she thinks Carden does a wonderful job based on what she’s seen in its graduates.

"From our first visit, we felt very comfortable and trusted that (our son) was in good hands. We would like to thank Carden Kids for allowing him to grow and develop into who he is today. We strongly believe you have a wonderful philosophy of teaching kids and allowing them to grow as individuals. We know that the experience will provide (our son) with a strong backbone for his future. Most importantly the teachers have been extremely warm towards us and we will miss them dearly." Roy and Maggie P 

Carden Kids Academy


Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for the natural unfolding of the mind, personality, and capacity of the child. Individual attention is the keynote. We believe that children should develop a love of learning and that the curriculum should be hands-on and presented in a way that makes learning fun. Materials in the classroom should be exciting and given meticulous thought in the preparation for their purpose and academic value. A developmental learning program is one in which the curriculum is geared to the age appropriateness of the child as well as to their maturational differences. 

Carden strives to teach the child to have a positive self concept. We cultivate independence and self-reliance. We encourage achievements as well as a willingness to try. A child's experience at Carden Kids Academy Preschool is seen as a supplement to rather than a replacement for the family. We provide a warm and caring atmosphere which fosters within the child a sense of security, self confidence, and individual worth.